(Sizes are in inches.)

16 x 20……..$270.00

20 x 20…….$370.00

18 x 24……..$395.00

20 x 24…….$420.00

24 x 24…….$675.00

24 x 30…….$695.00

24 x 36…….$775.00

30 x 40…….$1,250.00

36 x 36…….$1,250.00

24 x 48.......$1,350.00**

36 x 48…….$1,495.00**

48 x 48…….$2,200.00**

48 x 60…….$2,650.00**

  • Email me about additional sizes. I can also paint diptychs or triptychs. 
  • Prices include genuine gold leaf (if desired). Due to supply costs, there is a $20 - $50 up-charge for any additional gold leaf requested (depending on the amount used).
  • Tax must be collected if you reside in the state of TN.
  • Once the price and size are confirmed, I will send a Paypal Invoice for a 50% deposit. After the payment is received, I will add you to my calendar. I will send pictures of your art and once it is approved, I will invoice the final 50% payment, then get it shipped out.
  • Shipping costs are not included in the price listed and will depend on location. Email me for an estimate. Artwork is carefully packed and shipped via USPS Priority, FedEx Ground or UPS. Please note – international orders will be painted on a Genie Canvas and rolled in a tube. US customers can also opt to have commissions rolled in a tube to lower shipping costs on paintings over 47 inches. Collectors local to the Nashville area may have paintings hand delivered for free.
  • If you don't see the size you need listed, I may still be able to accommodate your size request. Just ask.

*Prices listed are subject to change. After initial contact is made, your price will stay the same. All rights to the commissioned painting belong to me. The painting cannot be reproduced in any way. Discount codes not valid on commissions.

**Please note that paintings over 47 inches long or wide can be shipped on a Genie Canvas rolled in a tube, upon request.